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Re: missF - May2021

Post by watchaholic »

:thumbup: Very nice Lindsay, very nice indeed. :thumbup:
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Re: missF - May2021

Post by nbg »

Very nice Lindsey. :thumbup:

I would happily wear all of those. It’s great that you now have your collection in a place that you are comfortable with and enjoying.

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Re: missF - May2021

Post by iain »

Great little collection you have there. As someone who has also recently decided to sell off a few and downsize the collection to those watches that will be frequently worn, I know where you are coming from.
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Re: missF - May2021

Post by Viognier »

Well done reducing your collection to an elite five ! Getting there takes a lot of wearing and deciding what we like as a collector and the brilliant part is no two SOTC are identical! Congratulations!
Small collection of timepieces that I enjoy
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Re: missF - May2021

Post by ajax87 »

What a spectacular collection! I’d love to have any of those in mine.

I can only hope one day to be as happy with my collection as it sounds like you are!
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Re: missF - May2021

Post by kiter65 »

Very nice :thumbup:
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Re: missF - May2021

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

A wonderfully varied and tight collection Lindsey and its great to hear that you've had fun getting to this stage; I (we) have certainly had fun helping you and reading the details of your journey to this point.

Good luck with your future sales to complete your consolidation.

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Re: missF - May2021

Post by Noush »

It's been fun watching the collection morph into where it is now. The things you learn about what you enjoy along the journey.
It really does look like you are in a good place with it: lovely pieces, a nice mix, real quality with style.
You ought to be chuffed. Enjoy!!
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