Are You Willing To Say Goodbye...

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Re: Are You Willing To Say Goodbye...

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I used to be involved in the natural and organic foods industry. I understand the arguments. Just the same, I have two watches that are 35 years old. One of them is only on its second leather strap, the other is on its third. It’s a material that lasts. I had a pair of leather boots that gave me 25 years of service and most of the leather uppers was still in good condition when I finally let them go.

I’m not uncomfortable switching from leather; I’ll experiment with any materials. The “demand” for leather watch straps isn’t the primary argument to push for a change. Offer other options. People will select what works best for them. Dropping leather straps is not what will save a cow’s life. And as I look at my buying, I’ve purchased more non-leather straps in the last three years than in the prior thirty. Change will come but it will be gradual.

I’ve also experimented with different watches. One I have is carved from bamboo. It’s nice but not that nice. Another has a recycled resin case with a cork dial and repurposed canvas strap. Again, nice but not that nice.

Giving up meat will do more than dropping leather watch straps.
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Re: Are You Willing To Say Goodbye...

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I have to admit I don’t really give a toss what a strap is made of. If it looks good and is comfortable to wear then I’m happy.

I certainly don’t have any caveman macho aspirations to show my manliness by only wearing animal skins.

Neither would I attempt sarcastic cheap jokes about anyone who doesn’t want to wear leather as having too much “estrogen” (sic) in their water. . .
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