Happy Birthday Boydesian

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Re: Happy Birthday Boydesian

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Many happy returns. Im sure the beverage of choice went down very well, cheers!

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Re: Happy Birthday Boydesian

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Happy birthday, not quite ready for the black balloon avatar yet, LOL. Enjoy your day and your drink!
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Re: Happy Birthday Boydesian

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Wow! The Madeira is good. Really good. Magnificent, even. It has very powerful raisin notes, not unlike a vintage port, but with a hint of charred oak, and just a mild sweetness. I am not very familiar with dry Madeiras, but even that mild sweetness was a tad surprising at first. It is also VERY strong. Not something I could drink a lot of at a sitting.

Verdict: Well worth the wait.
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Whare hae ye been sae braw, lad?
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