Coronavirus Vaccine.

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Re: Coronavirus Vaccine.

Post by iain »

magicman wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 11:00 am
1 death in the UK yesterday, from Coronavirus.
We are beating this thing, so why's this not the biggest headline news.

Regards Steve
It’s probably not reported as headline news as deaths aren’t always recorded immediately. With it being a bank holiday then more than one will have died yesterday but not yet been registered.

However I take your point that it’s certainly heading in the right direction.
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Re: Coronavirus Vaccine.

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My wife had her second AZ six days ago and has had five days of feeling less than ideal: waking feeling wobbly but not dizzy, what I'd call "low mood" pretty much all day but sleeping through the afternoons and evenings. Feeling much more normal today. I've got my second Pfizer on Friday.
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Re: Coronavirus Vaccine.

Post by malvern_man »

I had my second AZ jab yesterday (5th May) all good at the moment, my arm doesn't even hurt half as much as it did from the first jab.
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