C60 Elite 1000: why the agressive discount ?

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C60 Elite 1000: why the agressive discount ?

Post by Blackdog »

Hi all,

I just reeceived my C60 Elite 1000 that I bought under the Summer Specials discount. I see that the Summer Specials are gone from the site, but the disxcount remains on these.

I have to say that I'm liking the little beast quite a bit ! At the current pricing I could easily justify it to fill the slot of the Ti Deep-Diver in my collection.

But was wondering why the discount.... Was it a slow selling model ? It is likely to be revamped soon ? Seeing that there seems to be some kind of silent migration to "name@12/date@6" on new models, maybe there's a new Ti Diver in the pipeline ?

Anyone has any inside info ?
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Re: C60 Elite 1000: why the agressive discount ?

Post by what-time-is-it »

Summer Specials still on the menu dropdown, just not in red. https://www.christopherward.com/summer-specials.

Generally speaking it's the non limited pricier stuff (over £1k) that they are discounting so my view is they have found the limit for volume models and prices.

I suspect the typical average sale with CW is approx £750 and breaking into the £1k+ market brings lots of competition and expectation.

I wouldn't call the 25% aggressive btw, I look at most CW prices and reduce by 50%.
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Re: C60 Elite 1000: why the agressive discount ?

Post by JAFO »

I thought the same. Currently, I would put £1000 around the level of a carefully considered purchase. More of an impulse as the price goes down, and even more carefully considered as it goes up. The exact point varies from person to person. There's a lot of options at this sort of price point though.
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