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Moonglow World glow Superluminova questions

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 11:12 pm
by danielboone72

Well am contemplating the C1 Moon glow. I was thinking and perhaps may still end up with the old C1 Grand Malvern but the Lume is very tempting and makes it more useful in more situations theatres, blacked out concerts, even some dinners with after dinner shows.

Am sure the lume is perfectly long lasting after an afternoon under summer skies.
Though I do wonder how long it lasts? 6pm to pub closing time and drive home midnight say? Am thinking of an Autumn evening

What do you folks do in winter? Cloudy days raining wet and sunset by 3:30pm.

If charging by a UV lamp or torch I think that is the way it's done for the nice shots.
Say how long before charged and then how long does it last say charge at 6pm good till midnight?

I have a UV disinfector for mobile phones and watches too. I will try with my old 600 GMT and see how long I can get the old style lume to last.

I'd probably be using it as a dress watch mostly, leaving it on a winder by day with a light on. I guess most watch winders you can charge the lume while they are inside or is the glass in the way a problem.

Cheers for any thoughts.

Re: Moonglow World glow Superluminova questions

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2021 12:57 am
by ajax87
I can speak to the Moonglow, having owned one since January.

If you haven’t already, check out the reference gallery and gallery for some good shots. Also, the CWL of the day thread today featured lume shots of both the Moonglow and Worldglow.

The lume charges up faster and brighter than any of my other watches. I can be much help on the longevity, since I’ve never paid attention to or tested it.

Although I just took it in a dark closet after wearing it all day mostly in a windowless basement, having charged it with a UV torch and taking it out in the sun around noon. It’s 7:30pm and still has a muted glow in the darkness.

For what it’s worth, I love the watch. A perfect size and it wears great. I can dress it up or down. I like the date wheel concept and the whole star and moon aesthetic. It’s just a pleasure to look at.

Happy hunting!