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Re: Generic watch purchase advice post

Post by 0uatiOW »

Reverso. It is a more exclusive piece, in my view more interesting and “classy”.

A Sub may be a wonderful watch (I don’t know, I don’t have one), but they don’t have the panache of the JLC.

Just my opinion of course, but I ask myself whether I would rather look at my watch and say to myself “I have a Sub” or “Oooooohhh, I have a Reverso :thumbup: :clap: :D ”.
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Re: Generic watch purchase advice post

Post by Fat-Sam »

Thanks everyone for the replies- kind of what I think I was looking for subconsciously... the Reverso was the heart buy but so many people were telling me “Sub!” that I started to question myself.

In answer to some of the questions/comments:

It’s a gift so I wouldn’t get an older one and a bb58 but having owned a bb58 briefly I wouldn’t rule out getting one again. Great watch just wanted more adjustments on the clasp.

I think the point picked up about a watch being an expression of ourselves is shown with the example that I’m going to Switzerland for a watch geek holiday with a pal when the lockdown eases up- visiting museums and workshops plus a few shops. The idea of wearing the sub, as great as it is, left me almost feeling like I would have to explain myself “I’ve got other watches you know... I’m not just a Rolex owner”. Sounds silly but I hope you know what I mean 😂😂😂

As for the idea of wanting to own a Rolex because it’s a Rolex- I genuinely think I’m past that as have owned a GMT ceramic and a couple of datejusts (vintage and modern). While they were all great do it all watches that I never took off I don’t aspire to the brand because of the name any more. Having said that there is definitely something about them, an X factor.

And regardless of the price I would 100% wear the sub for everything accept with a suit - I know they’re expensive but they’re also solid, tough and reliable

And finally the value won’t make a difference as I won’t sell it (...unless I split up with the missus maybe 🤔 😂)

I don’t post much but when I do, they ain’t half long. Haha thanks everyone and sorry for the essays
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Re: Generic watch purchase advice post

Post by Thegreyman »

It sounds to me like a Sub is what you want and it is a better all round watch imo (not that the Reverso isn't a classic or wouldn't be a great option too).

I'd forget all the BS people talk about Rolex, whatever "stigma" there might be with the watch, whether it's been hyped by the insta generation or whatever. It is a great and iconic watch and if you want one, get one.

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