C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

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C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

Post by jharris2741 »

Any insights on the lifespan of the Ronda 715 quartz movement in the C6 Kingfisher. Will CW service a quartz movement well after the warranty period?
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Re: C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

Post by rkovars »

That is a good question since CW is moving away from quartz. So, I think an email to customer service would give you an answer. That being said, I think that any watch maker with a parts account could get a hold of one for a few bucks if the movement needed to be replaced.
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Re: C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

You can find details on the Ronda 715, used in the C6 Kingfisher, in the CWArchive.

@jharris2741 - you ask "Any insights on the lifespan of the Ronda 715". Do you mean Battery life, which is 60 months, or do you mean when is the movement expected to expire?

We've certainly, to my recollection, not had any reports of a failed movement here on the forum. If it does fail, its likely to be cost effective to fit a new, replacement movement.

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Re: C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

Post by Kip »

I wouldn't concern yourself to much with the lifespan of the movement. Quartz movements have been around for over 50 years now and very few are not replaceable either by OEM or a suitable substitute. I am sure there are others, but I only know of 3 where no substitute is available and these were not of the popular or volume built type.

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Re: C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

Post by thomcat00 »

I have two quartz drive watches that are well past 30 years old and other than a cleaning and lubrication they are both running fine today. I have several other quartz powered watches that are between 15 and 20 years old also running just as they did new.
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Re: C6 Kingfisher Ronda 715

Post by tikkathree »

Just had a quick EBay check: new movements on there (Swiss as well as Chinese) at sub £30. That's not the same as CW supplying and fitting I know....
If and when I need to consider a replacement movement for one of my C6's I'll be asking about alternative movements which drop the second hand EXACTLY on the minute markers all the way round, not just "here and there".
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