What's your accuracy?

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Re: What's your accuracy?

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ksl0902 wrote: Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:07 pm Hi I have the C60 Trident-Pro 600 which is running at +10 seconds a day? I thought this was excessive and called customer services this morning who tell me that +/- 10 seconds is normal for a auto watch? Cannot say I am very happy with this!
The specs on an unregulated sellita SW200 is +/- 20spd. I think +10spd is totally reasonable. It’s luck of the draw with non chronometer watches to get less. My C60 is + 8spd and I’m thrilled with it.

I’ve owned probably 30 auto watches and +10spd is about par for the course. I’ve had a Seiko SKX that was about +30spd (still within specs)
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Re: What's your accuracy?

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My new C60 GMT is running about 2.5 secs a day over the last 8 days, which I am very pleased with.
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Re: What's your accuracy?

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This C65 Trident Diver has been running for a few days now, and will probably be on my wrist all week if the weather stays nice. Seems to be running at around +2 s/d.

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Re: What's your accuracy?

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I've had my Trident Pro 38mm for about five or six years now.
It's always been running at about -10 seconds per day.
It's my only watch so gets worn every day for all activities.
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Re: What's your accuracy?

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I own a good number of automatic watches, some of them chronometers and some not. It’s really the luck of the draw. My Marathon GSAR keeps to around +2 seconds per day while the new C60 Sapphire dark hovers closer to +9—both of them feature the Sw200-1 movement. My certified chronometers are generally more accurate, though I have a number of non-chronometers that seem to keep accurate time, too.
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